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BoredomBuster Pets

BoredomBuster™ Puzzle IQ Toy for Dogs

BoredomBuster™ Puzzle IQ Toy for Dogs

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The BoredomBuster Paw Puzzle IQ Toy is perfect for putting your dog's mind to the test! Simply place their food or treats in the slots of the puzzle, then cover them up, and let your dog use their brain to solve the puzzle by sliding the covers to reveal their treats!

Key Benefits & Features

  • Adds more fun and challenge when feeding your dog
  • Made with small sections to hold food and treats separately that can help prevent your dog from eating too fast and / or too much!
  • Helps improve your dog's intelligence and patience
  • Universal size, perfect for all breeds of dogs!
  • Very durable and chewing resistant
  • Non-slip rubber pads on the bottom prevent the puzzle from sliding on the floor
  • Easy to clean - reuse it for a long time


How to use

A BoredomBuster™ snuffle mat is simple and fun to use - simply hide your pet's food and treats in all of the nooks and crannies of the mat, and watch your dog work to snuffle it out!


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No. More. Bored. Dogs.

Our goal is to eliminate dog boredom! Snuffle Mats are brilliant boredom busters, designed to put your dog's nose and brain to work!

  • The ultimate brain workout

    Did you know that 10 minutes of snuffling is as tiring for your dog as 1 hour of walking? It's not only physical exercise that will leave you with a tired pooch, it's mental exercise too! Brain games should be a part of your dog's daily exercise routine.

  • Durable fleece construction

    Made from high quality luxury fleece to stand the test of time. Does your dog usually destroy their toys? You'd be surprised to learn that most dogs won't do the same thing to snuffle mats!

  • Fully machine washable

    It's easy to keep our snuffle mats clean and slobber free - just toss it in the washing machine!

Ready to eliminate your dog's boredom?

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